Our History

Review. Relax. Reinvent.

Sabine Charles took the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam several times over the course of six years. The stress of losing her job had her hyper-ventilating every time someone mentioned the CIA exam. Each time she failed, Sabine would go into a deep depression which made things worse. To combat this cycle of beating herself up, she took a break by going to yoga and meditation classes to reduce her anxiety and gain her confidence again. She took another related certification exam in the field of Auditing, and (SURPRISE) she passed; resulting in her getting over eight certifications in the field of information technology, audit, and risk management.

In her quest to pass the CIA exam, Sabine attended many review classes, self-help seminars, and learned several alternative learning techniques. She also became a certified hypnotist to better understand the subconscious mind and methods to better recall information.  To make extra money to support her family, she worked for several tutoring firms and taught undergraduate and graduate classes which further honed her skills in accounting, auditing, and information technology.

In 2015, Sabine passed her CIA exam and created TAPA Institute to help individuals pass accounting related exams – specifically the CIA and CPA exams – and become accounting and audit professionals through TAPA's virtual apprenticeships.


Sabine Charles

Founder & CEO

Continuous learning is the key to continuous growth and success.”

Ms. Sabine Charles has been advising senior executives in Internal Controls, Business Risk, Fraud Investigations, and Operational Auditing for over 15 years. She has demonstrated her ability to develop creative solutions with practical approaches by aligning strategic initiatives to tactical operational plans through in-depth analysis of risk. Sabine Charles has experience in leadership positions at large organizations in highly respected industries. She is especially skilled in explaining complex concepts to individuals of diverse backgrounds and enjoys helping people better themselves as they strive to achieve their goals.