Are you stuck in your current position?

Our virtual products can help you become a better audit and accounting professional.

TAPA Institute Training Programs  provide highly motivated professionals with first-hand experience in the process of Internal Auditing and management. We train audit professionals to  become more effective and efficient in executing audit engagements and management strategies. Our programs develop FIVE core competencies: 

  1. Analytical ability

  2. Excellent problem-solving skills

  3. Strategic professional growth abilities

  4. Persuade stakeholders to implement recommendations

  5. Translate business language to accounting and auditing languages

Self Study Courses

self-study materials that provide the foundation of becoming a trusted adviser in an organization.

 Learn how to effectively identity risks, controls and create test procedures for a sucessful audit -  $49.99

Learn how to effectively identity risks, controls and create test procedures for a sucessful audit - $49.99


Life Coach - Discovering your professional value

This coaching series with Dr Carl Moore provide the opportunity to aim their unique gifts and talents at their personal and professional plans and become the self directed professional who excels in life’s endeavors.

Discover your inner self.jpg

Discovering your inner self

1.15-minute FREE in-take consultation

2. Take Self-Assessment Using StrengthsFinders Program to uncover the unique talents that you bring to any professional or personal space.

3. First one hour coaching meeting to contextualize StrengthsFinder results and begin to develop a Strategic Plan for Personal/Professional Goals

4. Second on hour coaching meeting to finalize your unique Strategic Plan for Personal/Professional Goals

5. Third one hour coaching session to finalize goals, tasks and action plans for becoming a Self-Directed Professional


Charles Financial Strategies LLC works with internal audit departments, controllers and tax professionals to implement practical steps and sustainable solutions in achieving operational and financial goals.

The Lady CPA Network is a non-profit organization aiding in the advancement of African American women in the accounting and finance profession.

Empowered Hypnosis is available to assist with a multitude of issues, including weight loss, smoking cessation, stress and anxiety relief, and many more.

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