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TAPA Training Program  is a program that provides highly motivated professionals with first-hand experience in the process of Internal Auditing. We train audit professionals to  become more effective and efficient in executing audit engagements. Training provides the professional with skills sets to improve:  interviewing skills, networking opportunities, creating risk matrices, documenting audit evidence, and drafting audit reports.  Training is achieved while working on assignments which are assessed and evaluated by executive audit professionals. The apprentice is given three assignments including seven hours worth of feedback.

In addition to these assignments, there are four on-demand core courses available to assist in the understanding of the internal audit mythologies: Internal Audit Fundamentals, Detailed Roadmap to Engagement Success - Risk Control Matrix, How to Create Bulletproof Audit Reports -  sufficient and appropriate audit evidence, How to clearly present audit results -  audit reports, dashboards and graphical. These courses are also available a la carte.

In this program, the apprentice will have three hours of coaching sessions and two 30 minute resume critique sessions. Note: coaching and resume critique sessions are also a la carte options.

The apprentice program includes attending one continuing education event from Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), ISACA or Association of Healthcare Auditors (AHIA). TAPA participation typically lasts 6 to 8 weeks which costs $1540. Payment plans are available.