CIA Tutoring

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Need Help Studying for the Certified Internal Audit Exam?

Schedule a 15-minute free consultation today! 

Every CIA prep course tutoring session TAPA offers is designed identify your needs and ensure you understand the concepts you need to pass the test. Our CIA test prep program is created with your learning capacities in mind and each lesson is designed so that you can successfully respond to any question related to the material. There is no memorizing answers, we want you to understand the concepts. Schedule a CIA tutoring session today!

During this 45 minute session, we will discuss how you gather, sift through, interpret, organize, come to conclusions as it relates to passing your exam. We will also help you develop a customized study plan based on your available study time and identify a potential test date. This seesion can be conducted online or in person. Price $120

Skills Assessment

6 hours Tutoring

Six hours of personalized, intensive on-line or in person tutoring designed around the way that you learn. Price $510

3 hours Tutoring

3 intensive hours of one-on-one on-line or in person tutoring that will show you how to use what you know, learn to teach yourself, and get you ready for your exams. Price $240

1 hour Tutoring

One hour of one-on- on-line or in person tutoring to get you ready for your CIA exams. Price $95