Are you sick of failing the Certified Public Accounting exam?

The CPA doctor has the Rx to cure your certification blues...


Step 1:Skills Assessment and Study Plan

TAPA Institute creates a customized plan which includes learning style preferences, proposed study schedule, and recommended individual tutoring sessions.


Step 2:Schedule Tutoring Sessions

One-on-one sessions, with your learning capacities in mind, focused on helping you understand the concepts so that you can pass the test. There is no memorizing answers; we want you to learn the concepts so that you can tackle any questions even ones that you haven’t seen before.  

Step 3:Choose Your Individual or Group Boot Camp Sections

Hands-on instruction designed to build knowledge of the materials through simulation activities. During these sessions, we will practice stress reduction, time management techniques, and test-taking strategies. All individual and group sections are a maximum of 8 hours.



FAR Individual Sections - $850

You pick the date

FAR Group Sections - $595

July 27,2019Oct 27, 2019Jan 11,2020


Audit Individual Sections - $750

You pick the date

Audit Group Sections - $495

   Aug 4,2019Nov 3, 2019Jan 25,2020


Regulation Individual Sections - $750

You pick the date

Regulation Group Sections - $495

Aug 24,2019 Nov 10, 2019 Feb 1,2020


Business Individual Sections - $750

You pick the date

Business Group Sections - $495

Aug 11,2019 / Nov 17,2019 / Feb 8,2020


Bundle Group Price - $1800

You pick the date

Bundle Individual Price - $2700

You pick the date

Step 4: PASS the CPA Exam!


Study Materials

*** Coming Soon***

Our researched concepts that will give you a broader understanding to complete the exam, rather than just remembering vocabulary. The CPA Doctor scripts will help you master the underlying theories that is tested on the CPA examination

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