What is TAPA Institute?

Transformational Audit Practitioner Apprenticeship (TAPA)


Our aim is to help accountants and auditors maximize professional training opportunities. We've trained thousands of professionals in helping them achieve their dreams and reach their goals. We offer an array of services ranging from CPA Exam Prep, TAPA Seminar, Career Coaching, CIA Exam Prep, and Audit Apprenticeships. Our creativity is reflected and captured in combining professional training, teaching, and audit apprenticeship.



You've been studying day and night to pass  your exams. TAPA Institute concept learning proven methodology will  get you certified!   All tutoring through the TAPA Institute is personalized and a customized study plan is provided  based on your learning style. We offer either one-on-one or in small group.

TAPA Institute's Certified Public Accountant (CPA) pass rate is 35% higher than the national average. Learn More... 

Our Certified Internal Auditors (CIA) tutoring will prepare you to pass this exam.



TAPA Institute offers boot camps  for all parts of the CPA exam: AUD, FAR, REG, BEC. During our prep courses, you will review core concepts and learn test anxiety management techniques.  We use hands-on exercises in our CPA exam review to help you retain the information taught during the 45 minutes sessions. Learn more....

Our CIA prep course will equip you with all the necessary knowledge to successful pass the CIA exam. Concept learning is our focus!

TAPA's 45 minute sessions  with breaks and exercises  assures you absorb the critical information needed to stay focused and get certified.



TAPA Institute's apprenticeship experience provides hands-on training for aspiring Internal Audit practitioners with real-world projects alongside expert audit professionals.  The apprentice is taught the fundamentals of the audit practice, provided 7 hours of live feedback from executive audit professionals on three simulated audit engagements, 3 hours of coaching, two 30 min resume critique sessions, and may attend one associated sponsored event. Experts audit and accounting executives provide feedback on your  deliverables.

This program can be taken as a full course or a la carte. The experiences is the same but the timing will be elongated.

Testimonials (See More)

Great Tutor! Sabine is very knowledgeable and accessible tutor. She helped me pass the CPA Exam by working through questions I had and giving me excellent examples. I am looking forward to working with Sabine for future CPA exams.      — Amanda

Ms. Charles, I have learned a lot from you. Not only about internal auditing but also how handle pressure and interact with colleagues. I truly appreciate your effort in helping me and fellow interns. ---Wing

Easy to understand and knowledgeable!  Sabine was committed to helping me through this stressful and difficult process. After getting tutored by her, I passed Audit and Regulation on my first attempt. December 2016 All 4 CPA exams completed. ---Grace

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