Stressed from the Test? TAPA Institute Will Help You Relax and Pass


Even the most prepared students get test anxiety. When studying for your CPA or CIA exam TAPA Institute is here to help you manage your test anxiety while keeping up with the exam content in our one-on-one tutoring programs using personalized study plans and our comprehensive Boot Camp sessions designed to prepare you to stay calm and confident through your CPA or CIA exam. For more information about test anxiety try this article from the Mayo Clinic. Test anxiety: Can it be treated?

Learn YOUR Way with TAPA Institute


Everyone learns differently. At TAPA Institute we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach because we know that doesn’t work. Instead our CPA and CIA tutoring sessions are tailored to each student to optimize their learning experience in the most efficient way possible. We also use group settings in our CIA and CPA Boot Camps to take advantage of the benefits of a group environment. Want to know more about the different ways people learn? Try this article: The 8 Learning Styles