Could not have done it without her - Sabine helped me study for the Audit section of the CPA exam. I had taken it twice and failed by several points both times. I started becoming stressed because I had begun working at my firm and no longer had the free time I had while going to school to study for the exam. Sabine had a lot of experience with people in my predicament and helped me develop a plan to study the material in an effective and efficient manner. She's excellent at staying on top of her students, so I had no trouble keeping pace with my study schedule. She also helped me calm me down when I became more nervous about my exam. Thanks to Sabine, I got through all the material well before my exam date, and I passed! Overall, Sabine is an excellent tutor, and I'm so happy to finally be finished with the CPA. Thanks Sabine!       — Stephen

Really Appreciated Sabine's Approach I really appreciated Sabine's approach. She immediately knew that there might have been some disconnect from the knowledge of the material and being able to place it to executions of work. I feel her tactics of breaking down information and taking information in doses is much easier. I am very satisfied.      — Siobhan

Great Tutor!  She is great. She really cares about me. She really wanted to help me pass the exam. She set up a study plan for me and make me feel very comfortable with her. Highly recommend.     — Lily

So far so good Today was the first meeting. The study plan and study method we have set for me seem great and seems to be helpful. She was a little intimating when testing me, which I like because it showed that she cared and is here to help me. I think the help from her will push me to focus and work harder. I want to stick to the study plan and continue through this week to prove her and mainly myself that I can do it. It was great meeting her and I look forward to this intense month of studying for FAR.     — Vrunjal

Great teacher  Sabine knows the material inside and out and can break each concept down to the common person. The best audit tutor out there. She really knows the concepts. I would recommend her for anyone.      — Jamel

Did a great and excellent job. I don't think I'm going to add much on Sabine C. Reviews. I think you guys said it all. I had Sabine tutored me (online; voice chat) 9 days just before the Auditing part of the CPA exam. She is what you call a "gifted teacher." Sabine C. Was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what she was talking about. She provided me with examples just right at the moment to make me understand and that was the best thing about her. She explained me not only the concepts she also taught me how plan on solving the tricky  questions, how to eliminate the wrong choices first.  She knew very well how to explain the right answer besides explaining why the rest of the answers were wrong (I was using a test bank with multiple choices questions). She was very flexible. She tried to listen to me explain it to her and know if I got it or not. She explained things to me in ways I could remember. She was committed on time and that is a very important side of the tutoring classes. Friendly and lovely personality. Although I have not got the result yet. But I did good in the exam thanks to Sabine C.     — Eiman

Great Tutor  - I used Sabine for the Audit part of the CPA. Without Sabine's guidance I don't think I would have passed the part on my first try. She was great with assisting me in developing an approach for the exam. We drew out a schedule together, executed that schedule, and I'm proud to say the hard work paid off. Thanks Sabine!     — Brad